Break a leg they said! Well thats exactly what he did. 

Break a leg they said.

Robber breaks his leg during ram raid attempt.

karma is getting revenge on this robber, Who gets caught between the car and the facade during a ram raid. Imagine; you got your crew together and prepared this robbery. You stole a car, worked out how you were gonna do it and during the drive over there Snap is blasting away through your speaker saying he’s got the power.

Finally you arrive at the place of action. For you it felt like hours instead of minutes. You get out of the car and your friend tries to ram the store with 3 mph. In your head the police is already on it’s way and you decide it to do it yourself by getting some heavy equipment out of the back. But then, your friend finds out how the gas pedal actually works and tries to ram the facade as hard as he can. With you stuck between the car and the store.

Well that’s exactly what happens. The poor man stumbles back to the car and after they realize that their friend is injured they decide to make a run for it. He’s lucky that it’s just his leg stuck and not his entire body because this could have ended way worse. The stolen car was found burnt out around 2 kilometers from the crime scene.

I bet the police didn’t have a hard time finding this guy either. Just look through the known database of criminals in that region and find the guy with a broken leg.

Remember if it ain’t worth dying for, you should probably not do it!

Ow ye, a good tip for the owner of the store! You should invest in a decent security camera. Make’s the work a lot easier for law enforcement. You can buy one here.


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