Robocops the new replacement for police on the streets in dubai

Robocops dubai


As of May this year human police officers will be replaced with robocops  in the streets of Dubai. The intention is to replace 25% of the current police force with robocops in the coming thirteen years. Last year a prototype of the so-called “robocop” was showed at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. Watch the video of how the robocop functions below.

The multilingual robocop who is wearing a touch screen on its chest, can process criminal reports and can also be used to pay traffic tickets. The robot agent also salutes, shake hands and has a voice. Unlike the robocop in the eponymous film by Paul Verhoeven the version in Dubai is unarmed.

Facial recognition

The mechanical police officer will have the ability to scan people’s faces from 20 metres away. Included in its hardware is a microphone that is directly connected to the Dubai police call centre. according to high-ranking police officer Dubai will be one of the best five cities in the world when it comes to security. He added that 50 per cent of police buildings will be self-powered by 2030 and that the police plan to build a national DNA database. Although some people consider this as a new method for the government to spy and gain more control over its citizens.


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