Gang of Romanian robbers responsible for spectacular robberies arrested

Romanian gang responsible for spectacular robberies arrested


The police in the Netherlands arrested a Romanian gang who have been stealing cargo from trucks in a spectacular way. The five Romanian men were arrested at a holiday park in Otterloo. In their holiday home the police found for a half million worth of stolen iPhones. Parked in front of the house was a specially prepared car to use at the robberies.

The gang acted in a James Bond-like way, targeting unsuspecting truck drivers. With a specially prepared car, the thieves drove right behind the truck, often with almost a hundred kilometers per hour. Then two gang members climbed from the hood of the car on to the trailer and opened the truck’s loading door with a grinding wheel. The expensive goods were then moved into the following car. Other gang members held traffic away from the robbery by blocking the road with different cars.

Video recording

Below is a video released by the Romanian police a few years ago. The video footage shows how the robbers work.


These kinds of robberies were committed for the first time in Romania itself and in Germany. In September 2016, Transport and Logistics unions warned that the spectacular robberies could also take place in other European countries. According to a police spokeswoman, in Europe, seventeen such robberies are reported, of which five are in the Netherlands. Police confirmed the local newspapers announcement about the arrest of the gang.


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