San Diego police shoots and kills 15-year-old teenager

Teenager shot by san diego police officer

Teenager – San Diego

Teenager – A police officer from san diego, california shot a 15-year-old teenager this Saturday who was threatening the officer with what was later identified as an air pressure gun. Maybe the united states government should think about replacing their officers with robocops.

Innocent weapon

San Diego officials received a report from a junior high school about a boy who showed strange behavior this Saturday morning. when they arrived at him, he appeared to be holding a gun. At the moment the officers got out of their car, he aimed that weapon towards them. After giving a warning with drawn guns, the boy was still walking towards the police officers. They were forced to shoot him. The teenager died later in hospital. The weapon was later identified as a so-called BB-gun, an innocent weapon that shoots only small plastic bullets at a low-speed.

EDIT: It later turned out that the boy himself made the 911 cal. Police now beliefs this was a suicide plot.

Fatal shots

No more than two weeks ago, the police in Texas also shot a 15-year-old black teenager. Jordan Edwards drove off with his friends at a party where minors drank alcohol, after which an officer fired shots on the car he was in. Those shots turned out to be fatal for one of the Occupants. The police in Dallas recently acknowledged that the officer was wrong. He is being prosecuted for murder, but has been released on bail.

Prosecution is rare

Recent American criminological research has shown that prosecution of police officers for fatal shooting are rare. Every year in the United States about a 1000 people are killed by police bullets. Since 2005, 81 officers have been charged with murder. In 30 cases a policeman was convicted, in 31 cases the police officer was declared innocent, and 20 cases were still running.


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