how did scum from the french cites grow to hardened criminals

france cites

The scum of the French cites

Racaille, that’s what Sarkozy called the petty criminals from the French cites, scum, trash. Boys Playing in the dreary suburbs of Paris, Lion and Marseilles that threw stones at the police and sometimes set a car on fire. Meanwhile, the boys have grown larger but not necessarily smarter. Some of them have grown from small trash to hardened criminals. Attacks on CIT vehicle’s, theft and drugs and arms trade. They have meanwhile learned how to smoothly handle Kalashnikov’s, Semtex and bulletproof vests.

Some observers of the criminal environment in France even claim that he boys of the cites currently control the heavy banditry in France. The scum of the cites to quote Sarkozy again became big boys.

The growth of the wolves


The Traditional criminal environmental wanted nothing to do with the cites. If you see the rascals of the cite, you did not want to work with them. We walked in a tracksuits, wore Nike air max and ate kebab and drank coca cola. What do you do with those guys? They didn’t trust the rascals out of the cites. But that helped the criminals of the cites to climb high into organized crime. Just because the police kept an eye on big thieves and not the cite. The arrival of arms from the former Yugoslavia made the little beggars able to play with the big boys.

Traditional environment had weapons of war, we did not. We did not have rocket launchers and Kalashnikov’s. Now that we do, the thugs had the resources. They were strong, because no one could do anything to them. Robbers could have unlimited ambitions at this point.


The cites are a closed world and the police can not get in. Everybody knows each other. It’s a small world and just observing it is difficult. You can not dwell with your car. All you can do is just drive past. That way you obviously miss a lot of things. It is difficult to find the storage’s and to find tangible evidence of drug trafficking. There’s a little bit everywhere and you are the one that has to find it. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

They have their own logistics and do not depend on cities like Paris or Lyon. The time is past when a handful of major cities controlled the trade in heroin, cocaine and cannabis. Five years ago, one kilo was a big catch. Now we take 100 to 150 times more than we did five years ago.

The French police noticed that all the criminals are from the cites. They started as small seller’s and are now at the top of the ladder when it comes to drug trafficking. The traditional drug environment has made room for the young wolves from the neighborhoods. They control 90% of the drug trade and are earning big money with it.



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