Search mission to find weapons belonging to Nijvel gang

Nijvel Gang belgium search for weapons belonging to Nijvel gang

Nijvel gang

In Adinkerke, a place just behind the Belgian coast, a search has begun to find the weapons used by the Nijvel gang. According to a tip, the weapons used in the robbery at the Delhaize in 1985 might have been dumped there.

The police have started the action this morning and are looking for lakes that originated from sand extraction. Belgian police officers expect that the search will go on for at least a week.

Violent attacks

The Nijvel gang was a group of criminals who committed a series of mysterious violent robberies and murders in Belgium between 1982 and 1985. At least, 28 people were killed and more than 20 injured during these robberies and murders. In particular, the bloody attacks on supermarkets shook the country. Till this day it’s still unknown who the members of this gang are. The investigation on the Nijvel gang is still not closed. The suspects regularly left the loot that they just stole behind, and had no problem killing random people during their activities. This caused the media and people to believe that he gang was trying to disrupt and create fear in the daily lives of Belgian citizens.

The nijvel Gang members belgium

Eight Dead

During the last robbery on the 9th of November in 1985 eight people were shot dead. The weapons used would, according to an informant, have been dumped by an accomplice from Brussel that night at Adinkerke, near De Panne. The police have started their search there today.


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