Security footage shows different story death Robert Gerritsen

Robert Gerritsen

Robert Gerritsen

An analysis of the security footage of the brawl in Amsterdam’s Red Light District where Robert Gerritsen died on September the 3rd shows that he and his friends were the aggressors. It’s believed that Robert and his friends tried to “keep the peace” but the footage shows a completely different story.

Ten minutes

According to the newspaper “Het Parool” the brawl lasted exceptionally long, ten minutes to be precise. The six men from Barneveld used excessive violence against three Romanians. Five of them are now being prosecuted for public violence. Immediately after the event, the police said that Gerritsen and his friends were true peacemakers in a brawl between Eastern Europeans and a group of light-skinned men. After investigating the security footage it turned out that the police couldn’t have guessed any more wrong.

Police claims they have hundreds of hours worth of video footage but have made only a few seconds  public. Because there’s so much footage the police and the court need another 3 months to fully analyze the footage.


The six Dutch give chase after an initial confrontation on the Oudezijdsachterburgwal. The Romanians have been set free by the court. The court finds that their so-called acting in “self-defense” can’t be pushed aside as implausible. Police is still investigating whether the stroke which Gerritsen suffered during the brawl, was caused by a blow he received shortly before he lost consciousness.

Five friends of Robert Gerritsen have now been arrested and are held for another 3 months. According to the court they are guilty of public violence.


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