Notorius serial killer Charles Manson dies aged 83

Famous serial killer and cult leader charles manson dies aged 83

Charles Manson

In a hospital in Kern County, California, at the age of 83, Charles Manson died. He was convicted of seven murders, including that of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate in 1969. Manson was the leader of a cult, the so-called Manson Family. The cultists believed that Manson was the reincarnation of Jesus.

The sect members were mainly young women. A number of them were also involved in the murder of Sharon Tate (the wife of director Roman Polanski) and four others in the actress’s house. A day later, six members of the sect robbed the businessman Leno La Bianca and his wife Rosemary in their home. They too were killed.

Helter Skelter

Manson’s intention was to unleash a racial war through the killings; he hoped that black men would be blamed for the murders. He was guided, among other things, by his fascination for the Beatles Helter Skelter song. The title of the song was written with blood on the walls of the house of La Bianca. The word ‘Pigs’ was also written on the walls.

Death Valley

After the murders, the sect fled to Barker Ranch in Death Valley. Manson told his followers that the world would perish and that the Bottomless Pit, an underground paradise that would be located in Death Valley, was the only place where they would be safe. There they were arrested at the end of 1969.

Capital punishment

Charles Manson himself did not kill anyone. The slaughter was carried out by his followers. Yet Manson received the death penalty. It was converted into lifelong because the state abolished the death penalty. Four members of the sect were also sentenced to life imprisonment. One is now deceased, three are still behind the bars.

Charles Manson, as well as the condemned sect members, have asked for a pardon several times. In vain.


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