Phoenix serial killer Aaron Saucedo chose his victims randomly

Aaron Saucedo Serial Killer Phoenix Arizona

Serial Killer

In Phoenix, Arizona, a suspected serial killer was arrested yesterday. It’s for certain that the 23-year-old Aaron Saucedo shot atleast nine random people. The police won’t rule out that the serial killer made more victims. Those shootings occurred during the spring of 2016. Click here to read 5 facts about serial killer, Aaron Saucedo.

Aaron saucedo Murderer Arrested Serial Killer Killed Stepfather


Last month, Aaron Saucedo was arrested for the murder of his mother’s boyfriend back in August of 2015. That research revealed, that he could be involved in previous murders. Saucedo seems to have chosen his victims randomly. He approached them on the street in the darkness and shot them dead. The police also investigated whether Saucedo had shot a dozen or so cars by motorways. No evidence was found for his involvement in this case.


The victims were men and women of different ages. There seems to be no connection between the victims. The suspect did not know the victims. The perpetrator only acted in poor neighborhoods. He would always choose victims that were either standing in their garden or were walking on the street. Witnesses said the perpetrator was driving in an expensive car: a white Cadillac, a Lincoln or a BMW 5 series.

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