Seven-year-old Boy Steals Car And Crashes At 100mph

Chance Nichols crashes fathers car at over 100mph

Father’s Car

Car – A seven-year-old boy ended up in hospital in the US state of Oklahoma last week. The seven-year-old was trying to visit his mother.

The accident happened after the father dropped the boy off at a friend. When both of them were out of the car, the boy managed to get behind the wheel.

According to the police, the boy is lucky he’s alive. The car rolled over three times at high speed and the boy wasn’t wearing his seatbelt either. His condition is stable at the moment.


The relationship of the father and mother of Chance ended on bad terms. Because of this, they have been working for years to come up with a good arrangement that allows the child to see both of his parents. Because of the fights between his parents, he hardly saw his mother.

The battle between the two parents will continue as usual despite the accident. The mother of the child said this to the media. “I knew he did this. He stole the car four times last week to visit me. Where was his father and why did he leave his child alone?”

The mother is only allowed to see her child for one hour a week. Why she lost custody is unknown.




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