German police released Clear footage of RAF robbery

German police released clear video footage of the 3 former RAF members committting robberies accros germany


The German police released video footage of a robbery committed by former RAF members Ernst Staub (62) and Burkhard Garweg (48). The robbery took place in Hildesheim, south of Hanover. Previously, the police stated that the two were possibly hiding in the Netherlands with Daniela Klette (58).

Now the German authorities consider it more likely that the three reside in southern Europe and have committed the robberies in Germany because it is known territory for the former terrorists. There is no concrete evidence about the place of residence of the three. The police believe that the three committed the robbery because they are in need of cash in order to provide for their living expenses.

Rote Armee Fraktion

The police warn that the three are extremely dangerous and most likely armed. The Rote Armee Fraktion originated in the 1970s as the left-wing city guerilla group and was initially called the Baader-Meinhof group. Ulrike Meinhof and Andreas Baader were the first of dozens of members arrested and trialed for robberies and kidnappings. Meinhof and Baader committed suicide in jail, just like some others.


In Germany, criticism is growing against the authorities. Many find it unbelievable that the three can stay on the run for so long.

The images below of the robbery in a Hildesheim shopping mall date from May 2016.


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