Shooting victim Amsterdam was only 18 years old (Update)


Shooting Amsterdam

A 18-year-old kid died after he suffered fatal injuries during a shooting Friday night at the Ten Kate in Amsterdam-West is. The two other injured man are also from Amsterdam according to the police, and are 22 and 24 years old. Several media reported that the 18-year-old victim is Naoufel Mohammadi.

The two men only suffer minor injuries. The shooting was the result of a fight on the street at around 6:30 in the evening. At first there seemed to be no major victims. Several bystanders have been questioned by the police and they said that they heard several gun shots. From how many weapons is unknown at this point.

Shooting Naoufel Mohammadi Shisha lounge

The shooting took (contrary to earlier reports) not place in front of the shisha lounge. The victim received CPR there, several minutes after the actual shooting had happened. The three victims are known to the police. They are registered in connection with minor offenses.

a man arrested at the nearby Admiral Ruijterweg was later released. His involvement is still being investigated.

We have by chance received some pictures from the door of the Shisha lounge. The door is filled with blood. One of the three-man felt to the ground in front of the door of the Shisha lounge as he was trying to work his way in to escape the bullets.


Shooting victim Amsterdam Amsterdam Guns

Update (11-12-2016 15:01)

We at Thisthinline received some images from Facebook conversations that show how the victim had already been warned by several people who this was on its way. Unfortunately it had the death of a young man as a result. Translation of the conversation in short: “I went home to grab my gun”, “The next victim doesn’t life far away”, “Haha you can just aswell say victims”, “He’s the right person for this”, “To bad the other guy is caught, but he will be free soon”.


Naoufel MohammadiNaoufel Mohammadi Facebook

Update (11-13-2016 16:10)

Witnesses of the shooting rather send their photos and videos of the shooting to Facebook and several crimesites instead of giving them to the police. We are flooded with photos and videos from the shooting. And don’t forget the phone calls from all the people that think they know why Naoufel Mohammadi was shot and killed.

Amsterdam’s regional TV News show AT5 reports that the police so far has not received any information, photo or video of the shooting. You would think that the whole neighborhood wants this killer to be caught but it’s  exactly the opposite. No one in the area wants to say a word.

The people who are living is this area seem to get used to this kind of violence in Amsterdam West.




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