Meet the mastermind behind the persona of Kim Jong-un

Kim Yo-jong The little sister of Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has complete confidence in his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong. This is evidenced by her recent promotion to deputy member of the influential and communist Politburo. Kim Yo-young would also be the mastermind behind her brother’s public image according to the Guardian.

Kim Yo-jong is four years younger than Kim Jong-un, although both of them do not have their exact birth data. She would be in her late 20’s, or, according to others, thirty. She probably went to the same expensive boarding school at the end of the 90’s as her brother in the Swiss city of Bern. After that, she studied computer science in Pyongyang. Very little is known about the younger sister of the North Korean leader. She married Choe Song, son of the vice-president of the Korean Labor Party in early 2015. In may of that same year, she would have become a mother. Her father in law also received a promotion this weekend and also fulfills a function within the party’s powerful military committee.


In 2007, she received a small role in the government. She was involved in the preparations to get her brother to take over the role of their father. Kim Jong-un’s father had two strokes in 2008. Until 2010, she barely appeared in public. After that, she was seen more often in the company of her father, Kim Jong-il. Along with her brother, she mourned publicly when their father died in December 2011.

Kim Jong-un's younger sister new leader of politburo

The North Korean state media only officially reported about her when she appeared next to Kim Jong-un during the elections in March 2014. The rumors even argued that she had control over the regime during Kim Jong-un’s long absence in the fall of 2014. The dictator didn’t appear in public for a while because he was struggling with health problems.

Only woman

Kim Yo-jong is now the only woman in the spotlight of the North Korean public since her promotion last Saturday. The wife of her brother, Ri Sol-Ju, almost never appears in public.

After Kim Yo’s assignment as Deputy Director of the Department of Propaganda and Unrest at the end of 2014, Kim Yo-Jong also took care of her brother’s image. She made him seem as a benevolent, accessible leader, shaped like his grandfather and founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung.” It was also Kim’s younger sister who sent him to amusement parks, to schools, and to the ordinary man in the street. And not to mention: Kim also thanks his friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman to her.

However, family ties themselves do not always guarantee a successful career in North Korea. It doesn’t even mean you will stay alive. Kim Jong-un executed his own uncle in 2013, and in all likelihood, he also killed his half-brother Kim Jong-Nam at Kuala Lumpur Airport in February of this year.

Kim Jong-nam abduction and murder Kuala Lumpur airport

With his sister, Kim Jong-un has a better relationship. They both have the same mother, Ko Young-hee, a dancer of Japanese origin. Kim Yo-jong replaces the aunt of the “Great Leader”, who was part of Kim’s father’s entourage. According to some experts, Kim Jong-un wants to break completely with the staff that surrounded his father, Kim Jong-il. Yo-young is blacklisted in the US because of “serious human rights violations”.


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