Son Jean-Claude van Damme in prison on multiple charges

Jean-Claude van Damme son arrested cannabis abuse and hostage charges

Jean-Claude van Damme

The Belgian Jean-Claude van Damme (image) is a well-known action movie actor who can be easily lined up with actors such as Stephen Seagal and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But where Jean-Claude could always handle his strenght, his son has it a lot more difficult.

Sunday night, the son of the Belgian actor, Nicholas van Varenberg was arrested on suspicion of abuse with a deadly weapon, taking someone hostage and being in possession of marijuana. A pretty good list if you ask us. He was allowed to leave the prison if he paid his $10,000 bail, TMZ reports.


The police came to Van Varenberg’s apartment because someone reported that he heard someone screaming and loud noises. Van Varenberg had a arguement with his roommate which later turned out in a hostage situation. He took a knife and threatened his roommate to not dare to go outside.

 Son Jean-Claude van Damme Nocholas van Varenberg arrested bail abuse weapon

Van Varenberg has no lawyer yet and has to appear at the first hearing on September 20th.

Don’t know who Jean-Claude van Damme is ? Well you most likely know him from the famous Volvo commercial.


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