South Korea Seized Second Ship Smuggling Oil To N. Korea

South Korea Seizes Second Ship Suspected of Smuggling Oil To North Korea

South Korea

The South Korean authorities have intercepted a second ship this week on suspicion of smuggling oil to North Korea. UN sanctions only allow limited oil trade with North Korea.
Customs in South Korea report that the ship in question sailed under the flag of Panama.

The ship was found in the port of Pyeongtaek-Dangjin. Because the case is sensitive, no details have been published. It is unclear when the ship was intercepted. The vessel in question can carry 5,100 tons of oil, reports South Korean state press agency Yonhap.


Earlier this week, the authorities announced that another ship, marked with the flag of Hong Kong, would have delivered oil to a North Korean vessel in international waters on October the 19th of this year.

Missle program

The UN imposed sanctions on North Korea last month for tests with intercontinental ballistic missiles. This includes the limiting of the export of petroleum products to North Korea. Pyongyang is in desperate need for oil to continue their missile program.


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