Spanish police devotes day arresting members of the Russian mafia

Spanish police devotes day arresting russian mafia members Solntsevskaya syndicate

Russian Mafia

The fact that the Russian Mafia has managed to grow strong roots on the Costa Blanca is not a secret. With a large-scale action involving several Guardia Civil teams, including a helicopter deployment, the Spanish police tried to beat the Russian mafia yesterday.


Including in Puerto Banus, the luxury marina of Marbella, officers struck, several mafia members were arrested on their luxury yacht. The people arrested are believed to be members of the Solntsevskaya crime syndicate. One of the leaders of this organization has been deported from Spain for a few years. The leader is believed to have connections with the wanted criminal Semion Mogilevich, who is wanted by several internationalĀ investigating authorities, including the FBI.


The now arrested criminals are charged with membership of a criminal organization, and the laundering of criminally acquired funds. The main police raid took place at the office complex of football club Marbella, and the stadium of the club. The Marbella club is led by Alexander Grinberg, a businessman of Russian origin. He has also been arrested. In addition, Arnold Tamm, a director of a Russian Kosmos hotel in Spain, has been arrested. During this raid police confiscated documentation folders and various computers.

A total of 11 people have been arrested. The Russian mafia is believed to haveĀ  deeply infiltrated into several sports clubs, including Marbella football club and Dama de Noche golf club. There was also a police raid at the producer of the mineral water on Agua de Mijas, which is believed to also be run by, you guessed it. The Russians.


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