Spanish police arrests German who killed his wife and had the date tattood

spanish police

Spanish Police, German murderer, Crazy Tattoo

Spanish police has arrested the 20 year old german Dominik R. Dominik is the primarty suspect in the murder case of his former girlfriend. Dominik was on the run from german authorities but was later arrested by the Spanish police. He was in the compnay of his 18 month old son at the time of the arrest. The 20 year old german has alledgedly killed his sons mother by cutting her throat. He got rid of the body by cutting her in pieces and placing parts of her body in garbage bags.

Lloret de Mar

Dominik stayed in a  short-stay apartments in Lloret de Mar where he expected to be safe. The 20 year old german then took the phone of his girlfriend and starting using Facebook and other social media trying to make look like she was still alive. In reality the German authorities were already looking for him.


Dominik R

The “strange” tattoo on his upper arm with the name of his deceased girlfriend, her birthday but also the probable date of her murder – 10/27/2016 – next to a cross with the words “Thank you for everything” in Spanish. This guy is a proper lunatic. He will be remember of his deed for the rest of his life and he can already start saying goodbye to his son because he will never see him again.

German authorities believed that Dominik R was  on his way to North Afrika, thats why the Spanish police was so quick with their response.


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