Spectacular ram raid with a shovel. Only one problem.

Ram raid with shovel

Spectacular ram raid on a petrol station.

Spectacular surveillance footage of a ram raid in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The perpetrators had to and would get this vault but there’s one problem. The Vault was behind the wall of a gas station. Always wanted to know how it looks when you drive into a gas station with a shovel?

Modus operandi

The shovel departs on Monday, April 28th around a quarter past four in the morning. Near the shovel is a black BMW M3. The shovel and BMW drive a few miles like this even past the police station until they reach their destination. The Avia petrol station.

Thanks to the camera footage we can see what really happened there. First comes the BMW that drivers along the side wall of the gas station, two men step out. Watch the shovel that drives up but doesn’t stop.

The men from the BMW rush straight to the vault through the rubble and it appears that the wall was a smaller problem than the vault itself, which weighs 300 kilo. On the outside we can see the shovel driver for the first time. You can say a lot of things about him but he made sure he was wearing a safety helm. Safety first!

Some stone cold muscle was needed to get the safe in the car. It costs them a full minute of valuable time as all alarms have already been rung and even then they can not leave right away.

The safe is apparently sticking out. After some pushing and pulling they can finally close the door and the three men leave.

The loot ?

The devastation that is left behind there is huge. These are not novice criminals. Chances are they are going to pull something like this off again because the safe was not the jackpot they were hoping for. There was only a few hundred euros, and mainly in loose change.

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