Student rushed to hospital with scissors stuck in his head

Student rushed to hospital with pair of scissors stuck in his head


Bizarre images from Peru today. A student ended up with a pair of scissors stuck in his head during class.

There was complete chaos in the classroom when the incident occurred. That’s what other students told local newspapers. The 14-year-old victim had an argument with a girl who as retaliation stabbed him in his head.

student scissors stuck in head after fight with girl

The teacher denies the incident, reports the Mirror. He says that the two were playing a game, in which they were throwing with the Scissors. By chance, the scissors ended up in the boy’s head.


Fortunately for the boy, the scissors did not touch his brain, otherwise he might not have been with us anymore. He has not sustained any permanent injuries. Doctors said that they were able to remove the “deadly weapon” without causing any more damage to the young student.

The teacher at Josefina Mejia de Bocanegra School has been suspended by the director pending an investigation.

Please note that the following video images can be considered shocking.


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