Suicide with poison in front of judges Yugoslavia Tribunal

Former Bosnian Croat military leader Slobodan Praljak commits suicide seconds after judges upheld his 20-year sentence


During a hearing at the Yugoslavia Tribunal, a suspect committed suicide in front of the eyes of a judge. Slobodan Praljak committed suicide by drinking a small glass filled with poison.

Slobodan Praljak was a former Bosnian Croat military leader. He drank the poison seconds after the judges upheld his 20-year prison sentence.

The Public Prosecution Service in The Hague is investigating the death of the accused. For the time being, the research focuses on assistance with suicide and violation of the Medicine law.


Video footage shows how Praljak drinks something before the eyes of the judge and is then rushed to a hospital. The man later died in hospital. The Public Prosecutor will not make any further announcements at this time.


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