Suspected beheading Zoetermeer released from prison

Beheading Suspects Zoetermeer Netherlands Released Prison


Beheading – The two men suspected of involvement in the death and decapitation of  55-year-old Adrie den Engelsman from Zoetermeer have been released from prison. The Public Prosecutor says there is insufficient evidence to hold them any longer. They remain suspects. They are suspected of murder, and that suspicion remains.

Suspect beheading Lysander M


The neighborhood responded shocked. Shortly after the discovery of the body a local newspaper spoke to one of the suspects (Lysander M. Picture) without knowing it. “Together with a girlfriend, we met up and talked to Adrie with him at his home,” he said when a reporter asked him a few questions on the street. According to this reporter he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. He continued: “We drank a beer together or watched television or a movie. I regularly helped him with administrative work. Because of his disability, it was difficult for him to understand or make sense of these kind of things. When this happened he called me in for help. Really sad that he’s not there anymore. ” The suspect also tried to help a photographer of this newspaper to make a close-up picture.


On February 28th this year, the victim was found dead in his residence at the Leopoldhove in Zoetermeer. The autopsy report showed that the man was killed a few weeks before his body was discovered. Neighbors of the victim smelled something strange and decided to warn the police. The man appeared to have been stabbed multiple times. That was not all because he was also beheaded.


The police arrested a 45-year-old and a 39-year-old man without a permanent residence in The Netherlands as suspects on March the 3rd. Both of the men were acquaintances of the victim and there were indications that they might have been involved in the death of the victim.


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