Four Suspects terror attack Spain appear in court for interrogation

terror attack suspect Barcelona Cambrils Spain court Madrid

Terror Attack

The four terrorist suspects that were arrested in Spain because of their involvement in the terror attack in Barcelona and Cambrils were brought to court in Madrid today. There they have to appear for a special court handling terrorist cases.

The four were arrested after the attacks of last Thursday. Fifteen people were killed during those attacks. Most casualties happened when a van drove into people who were shopping at the Ramblas in Barcelona.

Van Driver Killed

The man suspected of driving the van, Younes Abouyaaqoub, was shot dead during a police action yesterday. He wore something that looked like an explosive belt, later the belt turned out to be fake. During the attack in Cambrils, the terrorist suspects also wore fake explosive belts. Those men were carrying knives with them at the time of the attack. Due to the rapid action of police agents against the terrorists, more victims could be prevented.


The terrorist cell responsible for the attack, according to the police, consisted of twelve members. They operated from a house in the city of Alcanar. At the time of the search, agents found dozens of gas bottles that the terrorists might have used during their attacks. The four suspects are the only remaining members alive of the terrorist group.


Six men were killed by officers and two others were killed during an explosion in a house in Alcanar. The house was probably a base for the terrorist cell. Of the twelve suspected members of the terrorist cell, a great deal of them had family ties. Almost all of the terrorists were from the Ripoll area.

The mayor of the Catalan town said it was astonishing that all this could happen in Ripoll. “There are only 11,000 people living in this small place and only nine percent is immigrant,” he said. “Almost everyone knows each other.”

A female resident joined him. “We all knew these guys. They were normal people. Not murderers.

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