Six Syrian refugees arrested for planning attack in Germany

Six Syrian refugees arrested for planning terrorist attack during Christmas market in Essen Germany


Refugees – During a major anti-terror police action in Germany, six Syrians aged between 20 and 28 were arrested. The six would have planned to attack during the Christmas market in Essen, which attracts many visitors from both Germany and neighboring countries every year.

The men wanted to attack visitors on the market with explosives and weapons. Even though Essen is mentioned as the planned location of the attack by German media, this has not yet been confirmed by the Public Prosecution.

Die Welt

According to German media, the men arrested are six Syrian refugees between 20 and 28 years old. German newspaper Die Welt wrote that the men were recognized as members of Islamic State. Four of them would have applied for asylum in Germany back in 2014. Two others did so in 2015. They all used false identification papers. Research from the police shows that all six of them operated in a group together.

After the arrests, house searches were done in the men’s homes. In Kassel, Hanover, Essen and Leipzig, laptops, telephones and documents were confiscated.


Twelve people died in an attack last year at a Christmas market in Berlin. A terrorist drove his truck into the visitors. That perpetrator fled via the Netherlands and was later found and shot dead in Milan. He acted in the name of IS.


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