Taiwan Woman Accidentally Bites Husband’s Testicle Off

woman bites off husbands testicle taiwan


A man from Taiwan ended up in a hospital for a very weird reason this week. His wife bit off his testicle during their annual Christmas quicky.

It must have been a very rough night this Christmas in the bed of 51-year-old Wang and his 49-year-old wife Hsieh. In a surge of excitement, the woman bit off her husband’s right testicle. She called emergency services to help Wang at two o’clock in the morning according to the Daily Mail.

Rice bowl

When the ambulance arrived at the house of the couple, they were already waiting outside of the apartment. Imagine the look on their faces, according to the staff, Wang was standing outside in a bathrobe with a rice bowl in his hand. In the rice bowl, he kept his testicle. His wife was standing next to him repeating over and over that it was an accident.

In the hospital Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital the man eventually received the medical attention he needed. His scrotum could still be stitched, but unfortunately, he had to say goodbye to his right ball. It could not be saved because the doctors were afraid of an infection.

The man is currently recovering from the accident at the hospital. It’s unknown whether or not it affects the man’s fertility.


The Taiwanese media have done their best to reconstruct the incident. Below is a short reconstruction movie of the incident that we do not want to keep from you.


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