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Police chase murder singing videos of the week

Videos of the week

Videos of the week – In the “Videos of the Week” section, we make another trip round the world showing you the most striking and funny crime videos. This week we pay attention to a brutal murder on the streets in China, a pursuit in Arnhem, which reminds us of “Comedy Capers” and two police officers from Australia.

We start with horrifying images from China and end up with a happy note Down Under. In between, we visit Arnhem, where half the police department received an unscheduled fitness training this week.

1. Brutal street murder

Horrible images from China. A man in a van drives on to a motorcyclist on purpose. The motorcyclist falls on the ground but appears to be alive. Then the van driver walks over to the motorcyclist and stabs him to death, in the middle of the day, while people are watching. The reason for killing the man is still unknown.

2. One against 100

A police pursuit that started on the A15 and ended with a crash, after which the driver decides to go on a run. Followed by a lot of police officers. It happened this week at the Gelredome in Arnhem and reminded us of an old slapstick.


3. Can’t stop the feeling

The outback in Western Australia is vastly stretched and because of this you’re in the car for long hours at a time as a police officer . Killing time with a nice song is the solution.

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