ThisThinLine’s – Top 3 videos of the week: Female Criminals

Female Criminals

Female Criminals

Female Criminals – This time a small article in our video of the week section.  This week the video of the week section is about the “weak” gender. But these ladies are certainly not easy to handle. Thus, we see an angry lady getting revenge on her ex boyfriend. A woman who is maltreating her child. And a drunk drama queen who tries to seduce a police officer.

First, let’s take a look at what happens on the road. Going behind the wheel while you’re drunk is not wise. But as a woman, you can still try to avoid the fine by putting your charms in the battle. And if you do not want to do that. Just pretend to be in love with him.

1. I love you, officer

When the trick does not appear to work at all, she starts to kick the police officer and tries a new method; crying.

2. Ex Boyfriend

Doing your groceries can be quiet hard. That’s what an American man had to think when he went shopping at Wallmart with his lover. His angry woman chased him and walks into the Wallmart, armed with a jug of pepper spray. She keeps shouting at him ‘come outside, come on out’.  The mistress is not going to get out of this one and decides to grab her lady gun out of her purse.

3. Motherly love

And finally this one. A mother from Malaysia spent a year and a half in prison for child abuse. Apparently not all mothers  love their children.


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