Trial against german teenage killer Marcel Hesse started

marcel hesse teenaged murderer appears at court trial

Marcel Hesse

Today, in the German city of Bochum, the trial started against 19-year-old Marcel Hesse (Image). He is suspected of murdering his neighbor Jaden (9) and another acquaintance named Christopher Wolf (22).

During the hearing, the details of Wolf’s death were discussed.

Hesse arrived at Christopher’s house on March 6 at about 10 o’clock, which he met over the internet. Before meeting up with Christopher, Hesse had already killed his 9-year-old neighbor Jaden (Image) by stabbing him 52 times.

9 year old jayden stabbed to death by marcel hesse


Hesse visited Wolf with the pretext that he had no place to sleep. His family would live in another German state. The following morning, however, Wolf saw Facebook posts claiming that Hesse was being wanted for the murder of Jaden. He wanted Hesse to go to the police and if he did not, Wolf would call the police. Hesse pretended to grab his cellphone, when in fact he grabbed a knife with which he stabbed Wolf. Wolf managed to reach the front door. Hesse yelled at him that he would call an ambulance, but instead he choked the defenseless Wolf to death with a belt.

No new clothes

The 19-year-old Hesse arrived in the courtroom with an insecure smile this morning. His lawyer apologized for his client’s sloppy clothes. His family does not want to bring him new clothes to prison. The mothers of both victims were also present during the session. The mother of Jaden looked at Hesse without visible emotion, saying, “I Do not want to give him the satisfaction”. The mother of Christopher Wolf carried a necklace with a picture of her son.

Prior to the hearing there was a small chaos, which resulted in a delay of half an hour. All attendees had copies taken of their IDs. They were also extensively searched. Jaden’s stepfather, who is a member of motorcycle gang the Bandidos, managed to get through security after a long time and was protected by security.

Marcel Hesse germany german teenage killer arrested

The trial will continue on the 19th of September.


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