Drunk truck driver crashes into police car, killing one officer

Drunk Ukrainian truck driver crashes into police car killing one officer and injuring two others

Police Officer

During a serious accident on the German highway A61 near Viersen, not far from the Dutch border, a 23-year-old police officer was killed. Two other officers were seriously injured. The trio was waiting on the roadside to stop a truck that had been noticed by the Dutch authorities because of its driving behavior. It shows once more how dangerous the work of the traffic police can be.

The Netherlands

The Dutch authorities had warned their German colleagues about the danger that was heading towards them. The truck, originating from Ukraine, drove on the highway A74 in the far east of Limburg, where there are no exits. The three German officers wanted to stop the driver, but he had other plans and drove at full speed into the police car and dragged the vehicle with him for about two hundred meters. The 23-year-old officer died on the spot. The driver is injured. The truck driver will most likely go to prison for murder.


Later today the German authorities have announced that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.


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