Trump asks China to break financial ties with North Korea

US president donald trump ask china break financial ties North korea


United States President Donald Trump is going to ask China to break its financial ties with North Korea and adhere to UN sanctions at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. A spokesman for the white house announced this.

Trump arrived in Beijing this Wednesday from South Korea for a two-day stop as part of his trip through Asia. Trump believes that the conversations with the North should at least include the; reduction of the threat, ending of provocations and denuclearization.

The first day of Wednesday’s visit will include an informal meeting with state and party leader Xi Jinping and a tourist program. Xi Jinping and Trump will drink tea with their women and visit the Forbidden City together.

Formal talks

Only on Thursday the formal part of Trump’s first visit as US president to China with military honor and official talks in the Great Hall of the People will begin. The two-day visit will mainly be focused on the conflict of the North Korean nuclear weapon and rocket program, as well as disputes about trade and market imbalances in China.

There are also differences of opinion regarding Chinese claims on islands and territories in the South Chinese Sea.


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