At least Twelve killed In Train Crash South Africa

At least Twelve killed and 260 others injured In Train Accident South Africa

South Africa

During a collision between a passenger train and a truck in South Africa, at least twelve people were killed and at least 260 injured. The Minister of Transport of the country announced this to the media today.

The railway company that owns the train reported earlier that 14 people had been killed in the accident.


Emergency services that arrived first on the scene said that part of the train was on fire and that the fire spread rapidly over to the other wagons. Passengers were met by the paramedics when they left the train. Emergency services had no choice but to treat the wounded on the scene.

The accident happened Thursday morning between Kroonstad and Henneman in the Free State province. The train was on the way from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. People from the railway company told media that the train was a luxury train with many people celebrating their holiday on board.


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