Police chase on Curaçao ends with two dead and one critically injured

2 dead 1 critically injured during police chase on Curaçao


On Curaçao, a wild police chase ended with two deaths. The police chase happened on the night of Thursday to Friday. According to newspapers on the Antilles, the police confiscated 20 firearms and nineteen bags containing marijuana. A few of those bags were marked with the colors of the Venezuelan flag.

St. Joris Bay

A black Honda CRV with eight passengers was chased by police units. Police forces were alarmed after the Coast Guard made an alert about an unknown ship coming to shore at 02.15. When agents were almost at the location, the black Honda CRV drove past them at high-speed.


During the pursuit, the passengers threw items from their car. The Honda eventually crashed into the wall of a church at Kaminda Mitologia. Two occupants died during the crash, six others were seriously injured. One of the victims is in hospital in critical condition after being hit by a police bullet. Two of the suspects / victims were born in Santo Domingo and live on Curaçao. Five of the suspects / victims were born in Venezuela. There is no information about the suspect in critical condition, the police reports.

20 firearms found deadly police chase Curaçao










The police found eight pistols in the car (5 Glocks, a Force 99, a FN and a Beretta Pietro), and also twelve revolvers, eight cases with all sorts of different bullets and 19 packages containing marijuana.


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