Two officers accused of raping handcuffed teenager

two officers new york police department suspended on suspicion of raping teenager


Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, both officers of the New York Police Department, are suspected of raping an 18-year-old girl. The rape would have happened in a police van after the teenager had been arrested for possessing marijuana and medicines for panic attacks.

Anna Chambers teenager claims rape by two new york police officers

The girl, who is active on Twitter under the name of Anna Chambers, would be forced (With the handcuffs still on) to have oral sex after the police van had stopped at a parking lot of a Mexican restaurant. The officers did not deny having sex with the girl, but according to them, she agreed with it. After 40 minutes the girl was released from the van; No charge was filed against her for drug possession. The mother of Chambers then brought her daughter to the hospital to be examined.


Martins and Hall have been suspended. Their lawyer points to the provocative pictures and messages that the girl would have previously posted on Twitter. That would indicate that she was looking for sex, according to the lawyer. If the agents are found to be guilty, they risk a prison sentence of up to 25 years.


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