Sting operation leads to suspects in diamond heist investigation

Diamond heist sting operation

Diamond Heist

Sting operation – The arrests in January of the suspects of the diamond heist on Schiphol on the 25th of February, 2005 took many years of undercover police operations according to the newspaper “Het Parool”. Whether the action will yield any success is unknown, because there are a lot of loose ends.

Main Suspects

This Wednesday seven suspects have to appear in court, in a pro forma session. ‘Sources’ told “Het Parool” that the police had managed to get in touch with suspects. However, they did not manage to get in contact with the main suspects such as August B. (55), Erik P. (52), Errol H.V. (52), and R.V. (42). During the robbery, over 70 million euros worth of jewelry was stolen in a matter of minutes. Part of the spoil has never been recovered. The seven men were arrested shortly after the robbery. In 2006, they were released for lack of evidence.

Now there are some suspects that have been released again.


According to the newspaper, the police tried to lure suspects by saying that journalists were writing about the case again. The detectives hoped that because of this they would discuss the diamond heist. Suspected Ramazan N. (42) had been a prey of undercover agents for years. The agents acts as wealthy types, meeting with him in the Amsterdam restaurant Momo. They also visited him in Colombia and attended a brothel in Prague together. After N. possibly confirmed that he was involved in the diamond robbery N. transported money to London for the agents. Although N. would have talked about the main suspects, it is still unclear what he exactly said.

Listening Devices

Suspect Raoul T. would have been called by an English-speaking man who pretended to be a journalist and was working on a article about the diamond heist. Raoul T. then spoke with acquaintances about the call. Also what produced in terms of evidence is still unclear.

The diamond robbery at Schiphol Airport still talks to the imagination, partly because tens of millions worth of diamonds are still missing.

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