Victim shares gruesome details of his torture in court

Victim shares gruesome details of his torture in court


Torture in Rotterdam – They wanted money. To get that, the suspects had taken their victim’s hostage and tortured them in a sadistic way. Five men aged between 24 and 32 – are in the extra-secure courtroom in Rotterdam today for their atrocities. Today they will hear their sentence. 

Image: Suspects Aurilio V., Zakaria L., Elias A. and Mohammed A., The fifth suspect stayed home.

On November 29, a victim was lured to the home of his old friend Zakaria L. They knew each other since they were young. He received a message from L., who had just received a new batch of tracksuits at the house, and asked him if he wanted to come and see.


The victim took a friend with him. Once in the house, there were 4 men with balaclavas and firearms. The two victims were tied, beaten and kicked.

One of the men was beaten on his head with a hammer, cigarette butts were pushed out on his buttocks. They stabbed him with a fork in his leg and with a knife, they cut into his arm. The suspects stripped the man and then made photos of him. They tried to rape the other victim with a toilet brush.

With a loaded gun on his temple, the victim heard one of his torturers say he would kill his mother and girlfriend. The victim had to promise that he would pay them 10,000 euros. The violent hostage took a few hours. During the night the two men were released.


“I thought I was going to die that night,” his lawyer read the victim’s statement. “I have been humiliated for hours.” Aimed at the accused: “You hit me so hard with a hammer that I still have headaches every day. After a year I still cannot give it a place. This still haunts me every day. ” Torture

It is only one of the facts for which the suspects are on trial today. On December 9 they shot at another one of their victims when he tried to escape. The suspects also demanded money from this victim. Another man was threatened with a weapon in his own home. He was forced to give the men the code of his ATM card.


There were four denying suspects in the court – number five couldn’t be bothered to show up. Men who grinned when hearing their victims statements. They smiled when they heard the summary of their criminal record and gave each other a wink when the evidence was brought up.

One of them, Elias A. (25) also shot two men in their leg in café Liv in Rotterdam on December 4th. According to A. his weapon ‘accidentally fired’. “I panicked.” Camera footage that the Public Prosecution Service found showed how he deliberately shot the men. The judge: “It looks like someone who knew what he was doing.”

A. is known as ‘big boy’. Last January he escaped during his pre-trial detention, after he had been transferred from prison to the hospital. There, plaster was removed from his hand. With a handcuff still on his left wrist, he took off. A. was put on the National Detection list and more than a month later found at a hiding place in the Dutch province of Brabant.



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