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Toscha sponsler steals police car and escapes handcuffs

This is how you escape from handcuffs and steal a police car (video)

Escaping Handcuffs A 33-year-old woman who has been arrested for shoplifting manages to escape her handcuffs and then drive of in the arresting officers police car. Despite the lead she had on the officers, she...
Mahmoud Al-Warfalli arrested war crimes Libya death squad ISIS Islamic state

Libyan death squad uploads videos of war crimes on YouTube

Death Squad A Libyan death squad has placed video footage on Facebook and YouTube of 33 executions in which IS members were killed. The death squad will have to pay the price for these videos....
Jarvis Chimenes Pavão selling drugs from prison cell

This man sold tons of drugs from his prison cell (VIDEO)

Prison Cell Prison Cell - Brazilian authorities managed to dismantle an international drug network. Several gang members bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs from a Brazilian mafia boss who is serving a prison...
Russian Parliamentarian Magomed Askhabov assassination footage

Dashcam footage shows murder on Russian Parliamentarian (VIDEO)

Russian Parliamentarian Russian Parliamentarian Magomed Askhabov was shot and killed when he was on his way to the town of Grozny. His car then crashed into a street light and then flipped several times until...
Quanterus Smith police chase arrested AT&T Robbery

NFL player Quanterus Smith crashes car while chased by police (Video)

Quanterus Smith former NFL player Quanterus Smith (27) has been arrested after a wild police chase last week. Smith came to a halt after he managed to hit a tree with his car. The former...