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Police chase murder singing videos of the week

ThisThinLine’s – Videos of the week: Brutal murder, Singing and a chase

Videos of the week Videos of the week - In the "Videos of the Week" section, we make another trip round the world showing you the most striking and funny crime videos. This week we pay...
Todd Kohlhepp american serial killer interrogation video

interrogation American serial killer Todd Kohlhepp on video

Todd Kohlhepp Todd Kohlhepp - The US justice department has released several videos of the Todd Kohlhepp case. Among other things are the interrogations of the 46-year-old serial killer. Therein he emotionally confesses seven murders. There's...
Controlled explosion Martin Kok Crime journalist reporter

Controlled explosion of bomb found on crime journalist car

Controlled explosion Controlled Explosion - The police have released video footage showing how heavy the bomb was that was found placed under the car of crime journalist Martin Kok last July. The crime journalist remained calm when...
Videos of the week The Joker Carjacking Prisoner Flying

Videos of the week: The Joker, Carjacking and a Flying Prisoner

Videos of the week In the "Videos of the Week" section we this time have Batman's arch-enemy, a failed carjacking in Johannesburg and a fight between two inmates in prison. In the federal prison of Lompoc,...
Penal de Puente Grande

Mexican Criminal throws party in Puente Grande prison [Video]

Puente Grande, Mexico In Mexico, unrest arose in response to a video of a party in the highly secured Puente Grande prison in the state of Jalisco. There is alchol and several music bands perform, apparently all...