Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Of duty police officer from brazil shoots down robbers while holding his son in his arms

Officer shoots robbers with his baby in his arms

Police officer An of duty police officer shot down several robbers in Campo Limpo Paulista, Brazil while holding his baby in his arms. The shooting took place in a pharmacy. The of duty cop was...
Famous serial killer and cult leader charles manson dies aged 83

Notorius serial killer Charles Manson dies aged 83

Charles Manson In a hospital in Kern County, California, at the age of 83, Charles Manson died. He was convicted of seven murders, including that of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate in 1969. Manson was...
safecrackers breaking in to safe at car dealership during hurricane harvey

Police in Houston searching for these two safecrackers

Safecrackers Safecrackers - The Houston police department released video footage of two safecrackers. The perpetrators spent more than two hours cutting and breaking the safe. The burglary was committed at a car dealership in Houston, Texas,...
mastermind behind the mass murder at the US mexican border has been arrested Martiniano de Jesus Los Zetas member

Mass Murder suspect arrested in Mexico

Mass Murder Mass Murder - In Mexico, a man was arrested this Tuesday. The man is suspected of being the mastermind of mass murders of illegal migrants in northeastern Mexico. In 2010 and 2011 hundreds...
German police released clear video footage of the 3 former RAF members committting robberies accros germany

German police released Clear footage of RAF robbery

RAF The German police released video footage of a robbery committed by former RAF members Ernst Staub (62) and Burkhard Garweg (48). The robbery took place in Hildesheim, south of Hanover. Previously, the police stated...