ThisThinLine’s Videos of the week: Executions and GTA

Videos of the week

Videos of the week

Videos of the week – A robber and a thief, executed by the police and the army. In one case, police officers seem to get away with it, on the other hand the soldiers are not so lucky. Heavy images this time from America and Mexico. And for shits and giggles, a Houston daredevil who performs a real-life Grand Theft Auto.

Fuel thief executed

Violence in Mexico is usually, but not always drug-related. In the Mexican state of Puebla, a man who was stealing petrol at a pipeline is executed by an army soldier. The pipeline is guarded by soldiers because there are gangs active who steal fuel on a large-scale. The video shows how one of them is shot in the head after his arrest.

Police shoot robber

It starts to become a familiar phenomenon. American police officers, equipped with a body cam, who shoot suspects. Because the “racism” accusations soon kick off, the police usually release the videos quickly. This week it happened in a supermarket in San Francisco. The robber threatens a shopkeeper with a knife. The police arrives and quickly takes care of him. The robber who died during because of his injuries is 26-year-old Nicholas Flusche.


A brutal man only has half the world, says the proverb. That is true for this man from Houston. When he sees a police car at a gas station, he does not think fora moment and steals the car. He drives to his ex-girlfriends house, who he hits a few times and then casually he walks out on foot. With the help of a police helicopter he was arrested a little later. He probably played a little too much Grand Theft Auto.

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