Videos of the week: The Joker, Carjacking and a Flying Prisoner

Videos of the week The Joker Carjacking Prisoner Flying

Videos of the week

In the “Videos of the Week” section we this time have Batman’s arch-enemy, a failed carjacking in Johannesburg and a fight between two inmates in prison.

In the federal prison of Lompoc, California this week was a fight between two detainees. The fight happened on the hallway of the second floor.

1. Hip throw

One of the men decided to learn the other what a hip throw is and threw him over the railing. Another prisoner filmed it from the cell across. It is unknown whether the victim has survived the fall or not.

2. Carjacking

It’s a common phenomenon in South Africa: carjacking. Those who drive an expensive car in Johannesburg have a high chance of becoming a victim. But this smart Porsche owner sees it coming  and manages to catch the car jacker off guard

3. The Joker

Lawrence Sullivan, 29, from Miami, Florida, had to appear before the court this week because he had been waving a gun on the public road and aimed it at passing cars. Motorists weren’t scared from the gun but rather his appearance: Sullivan is a Joker lookalike. The black cape of the judge does, in fact, remind him of Batman.

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