Warehouse belonging to the Audi gang found in Germany

Audi Gang Germany Robbery ATM

Audi Gang

Police forces in Bochum, Germany believe they have found a warehouse belonging to the so-called Audi Gang . This group of predominantly young Moroccan-Dutch males committed burglaries and attacks on ATM’s last year in western parts of Germany. The so-called Audi Gang caused several millions worth of damages and is believed to be responsible for over 100 attacks on ATM’s in Germany. Who searches for Audi Gang on YouTube will find a dozen of video’s showing either crashed cars, burning cars or exploded ATM’s.


By Accident

German police came across the garage by pure luck. According to German media the owner of the self storage opened garage box door because the rent had not been paid for several months . Inside he found an Audi RS5,  License plates, oxygen bottles, chemicals, gloves and a sledgehammer. The garage owner then called the police. Authorities then discover that the Audi was registered  as stolen in the Netherlands.

More suspects

According to German media, the police doubts that the box was rented by people from this criminal group or are even linked to the Audi gang. Last year, some of them ran into trouble. But the police thinks they are able to arrest many more suspects. The detective in Bochum is investigating the matter under the leadership of the Prosecutor’s Office in Düsseldorf.


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