What went wrong at the Cozy Club in Berlin last week?

Cozy Club Berlin Image shooting

Cozy Club

Cozy Club – One man died and three others were injured during a shooting at the front door of a disco in Berlin. According to the police, the massacre is mainly due to a dispute between ‘different parties’. The incident took place on the night between Friday and Saturday. The police arrived at the crime scene at two o’clock in the night. The shooter himself was among the injured.

The police arrested a man shortly after the fatal shooting, and later a 30-year-old man was arrested. This happened after a woman had been thrown from a 17-storey apartment building elsewhere in Berlin. The police assume that the incident at the Cozy Club has to do with the apartment building incident.

Cozy Club Berlin Image shooting


The  Cozy Club is a popular entertainment venue for Russian expats and dark types from the German underworld. A see and be seen sort of club. At the shooting, the shooter would have emptied the entire magazine of his Glock pistol. The shooter was eventually beaten up by furious club visitors, this explains why the man had to see medical attention himself even though he was the one with the gun.

 Cozy Club Berlin Image shooting  weapon gun found

It is quite possible that the victim was accidentally fatally shot. One of the other two injured is the Cozy Club’s doorman.


A few hours later, in the Leipziger Strasse, a woman fell down from high altitude on the street. The police strongly suspect that this is a murder case.

The two dead from this story come after two deaths last week during violent crimes in the German capital.


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