Woman shoots homeless man for asking to move her Porsche

26-year-old Katie Layne Quackenbush arrested for shooting homeless man ask to move car porsche cayenne


The 26-year-old Katie Layne Quackenbush was chilling in her Porsche at three o’clock when the homeless Gerald Melton walked by. Melton tried to sleep on the sidewalk but he was disturbed by the noise coming from the lady’s Porsche Cayenne.

He tried to talk to the woman by asking her if she could move the car. As a result, a fight erupted between the two. The homeless man eventually walked away, but Katie wouldn’t allow that to happen. Armed with a gun, she followed the man and she started another fight with the man. Eventually the argument got so out of hand that she shot the man twice, who was then injured on his stomach. He had to go to the hospital and is now out of danger.


The father of Katie told the local newspaper Tennessean that his daughter and some friends were hanging out in the car. He reported, however, that the homeless man had threatened to kill his daughter and made sexist comments. Katie didn’t want to kill the man: “She didn’t even knew she hit him. In addition, there is a witness who was also in the car. “It’s quite logical to shoot twice if you do not want to hurt anyone, if you ask us. Katie’s history does not really help her claims. The 26-year-old mother had been arrested for assault before.

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