World Champion kickboxing Badr Hari aka the golden boy back in prison

Badr hari Prison

Badr Hari Prison

Kick Boxer Badr Hari has been detained again. The Telegraph reports that Badr Hari will stay in the new Judicial Complex in Westzaan. The 32-year-old kickboxer called in there Monday afternoon at 15:00 and will remain there for another 221 days. He’s placed in a perfectly normal regime, Despite his stardom Badr doesn’t have to count on privileges. He will be treated like any other prisoner. The correctional Institutions and his lawyer won’t say where Badr has been imprisoned but several sources told us that he’s been placed in the new prison complex in Zaanstad that has only been active since september of last year.

self-reporting procedure

The public prosecutor in Amsterdam announced on Monday that Hari, as part of a so-called self-reporting procedure, has reported himself to the prison in which he will be incarcerated.


Badr Hari was sentenced on appeal in October 2015 to 24 months imprisonment of which ten months suspended sentence for multiple violent offenses during the nightlife of Amsterdam. This sentence was made irrevocable in early February of this year, after losing an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Hari has already spent a number of months  in custody. His remaining sentence is a little over seven months.


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